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Lucky RogARRR!
Better than the Jolly one
October 1st, 2006 
12:00 am(no subject)
JAson and Jaymie love
So without giving you details you do not need. My life is the most fantatstic of lives ever.

I have the perfect formula to being happy.

Jason + a job I love +a GREAT salary +my wonderful mother +Daily starbucks +jamba juices + learning= Jaymies fucking perfect existence.

I have this boy, andI really felt that I had lost him, that somewhere a long the line no matter how perfect i wanted to believe we were, I thought we weren't and now...I know we weren't

But now oh my god.oh my od. It is so mind blowing.I Have the best thing in the world.

You make me live.
You make me breathe.

Warning I will destroy your friend page right now
and I do NOT give a shit.

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My life has been a series of what I should do, and what I have been expected to do

everything I've done I've done for someone else,

You are the first thing that has ever been mine.

And I will not let you lose me, as much as I will NOT lose you
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